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Why Choose Us

Our Dentist:

Dr. Gupta holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India which is a five year full time degree and also a Doctor of Dental Surgery (Advanced Standing Program) from New York University. She has nearly 8000 hours of extra Dental training over and beyond what is required to earn a Dental Degree from a 4 year program in the U.S. Combining the best of Eastern and Western thought she takes a holistic approach towards Dental Health in the context of the entire human body. Nutrition, Stress Management and Overall Health is considered when rendering Dental Care. The focus is on prevention of dental problems and to correct them before they become major issues.

Our Facility:

Our Dental Office was designed by an Architect. Special attention was paid to create a welcoming, soothing environment. The entire Office is extremely clean and the ergonomics are exceptional. We provide a Television free waiting area with sumptuous sofas and chairs. High end real wood furniture provides a home like feeling. Multiple lighting sources produce a warm, relaxing ambiance. Pay attention to the ceiling tile created from volcanic ash and real Cherry Wood doors imported from Canada.


Our Equipment:

The practice spared no expense in choosing the best Dental equipment in the world. The Panoramic X-Ray is Sirona from Germany, the intraoral X-Ray is Planmeca from Finland and the dental Chairs are ADEC 500 from the US, and the Digital X-Ray Processor is Air Techiniques of US. The practice owns every necessary dental equiment such as intra-oral cameras, Pulp vitality tester, curing lights, Zoom Advanced Power tooth whitening system and many others. You can rest assured that if technology can improve Dental Care rendered, then we have it.

Digital Radiography:

Film Based X-Rays need higher exposure times and a higher operating voltage in the X-Ray equipment. This means that film based X-Rays expose the patient to higher amount radiation especially since the energy of the radiation increases as the square of the Voltage. Digital Sensor based X-Rays require a shorter exposure time, typically between 0.1 and 0.32 seconds as opposed to 1 second or longer for film based X-Rays. This means that Digital X-Rays can cut radiation by 80% to 90%. The testing agency for radiation has issued a letter that is available in the waiting room. This letter comments on the exceptionally low level of radiation generated by our equipment. As if that were not enough, we use a collimator to further narrow the X-Rays to prevent scatter and any unneccessary exposure. Lead Aprons and Thyroid collars are used to prevent exposure to the core of the body. X-Rays are not done on pregnant patients or those suspecting pregnancy. If X-Ray are absolutely necessary, double shielding is provided to protect the mother and child.


Infection Control:

We are extremely particular about disinfection and cleanliness. Under our FAQs you can read in detail about all the steps we take for infection control. In addition to all of those steps the waiting area is vacuumed everday, all solid surfaces in the waiting area are cleaned with a disinfecting agent, the bathroom floors and fixtures are cleaned daily, all door handles and glass are cleaned periodically. The Dental Office has a certified 300 Cubic Feet per minute of fresh air intake to prevent the sick building syndrome. The practice maintains a wall to wall state-of-the-art Sterilization Center with separate dirty and clean areas. You can rest assured that you and your family’s safety take precedence over anything else. We do weekly spore testing to ensure that the sterilization Autoclave is doing its job. The reports from the testing are available in the waiting room. Please take time to read them.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in conservative treatment and the focus is on prevention of disease. If you have had the experience of suddenly needing a root canal although you saw your dentist regularly, you would appreciate this. We treat cavities and tooth decay before they turn into major issues such as root canals and crownns. We try to save your natural teeth instead of fitting you with dentures. We believe stress in modern life is playing a major role and we find ways to prevent the damage that this can cause to your teeth.



Our practice participates with many insurances and chances are we are in your PPO network. If you are covered by one of the insurances that we do not participate with, many time we will accept the Usual and Customary as payment in full if these are reasonable. (Note: Copays and Co-insurance cannot be waived under any circumstances). We go to exceptional lengths to track your benefits and estimate your portion for the treatment before any services are rendered. We try to maintain a zero surprise policy so that you do not get a huge bill later on. We are not aware of any practice that spends as much time and resources as we do on this matter.

Value for Money:

We provide you the best value for money. Our Dental Care is second to none and we render care while working with your insurance. We keep our overheads low, our staffing optimum and our investments in equipment and technology pragmatic and wise. Unnecessary expenses are kept to minimum and resources are directed to increase patient safety and comfort. Expensive fads like CEREC are shied away from which many practices are advertising.

Still not sure? Send us an email at info@cayugafamilydental.com and we will forward to you even more reasons why it makes eminent sense to choose us.